"After all, victory should not mean too much. It is when you measure up to what you have got and have the ability to bring it out in yourself which should give you the real inner satisfaction."
              — Georgio Santelli (USFA Member Club since 1997)


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Visit us at the Portland Fencing Center and say "hello".  Sport fencing is very good for developing and maintaining coordination and muscle tone. 

Not only is sport fencing really good for your body and mind, it's just a whole lot of fun!  If you haven't tried fencing yet, check out our "Learn to Fence" classes and come in for an introductory lesson during our "open house" and sign up.

History of Sport Fencing

For many hundreds of years, proficiency with a blade was considered one of the essential skills of a well-educated individual, and the sword worn at the side was the hallmark of a gentleman.  From its practical origins, when matters of honor and politices were settled with cold steel, fencing has evolved into one of the most intense and challenging of modern sports, which, if less deadly, is every bit as exciting and demanding as the combat that preceded it.