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Fencing is about perception while on the strip.  Think you will win and you can win.  A complex game of chess at 60 miles per hour. We recommend the Maestro level of membership for the intermediate and advanced fencer which includes a lesson once a week. Combine lessons with your classes and form a well rounded training regimen to meet your expectations on the strip.  Refinement in technique and skill in lessons has proven to be effective. Be patient and know your hard work will pay off. 

Class frequency: Two per week

Days offered:  Tuesday and Thursday

Times offered:  5:45-7:15 pm  Teen/adult    

                      7:15-8:45 pm Teen/adult

Cost: $240 per two month session

Gear Requirements

Full set of practice gear and competition gear


Membership Requirements: 

Select from one of our membership tiers. Moniteur, Prevost or Maestro.

We advise that the Intermediate and Advanced fencer to choose Prevost or Maestro level membership to start receiving lessons on a semi regular or regular basis as soon as possible. 

All students must have a current USA Fencing Membership to participate 

1037 Forest Ave. Portland, ME 04103