Membership and Private Lessons

We offer a variety of memberships to accommodate all levels of fencing.  The four tiers of membership are Associate, Moniteur, Provost and Maestro. The membership tiers which include private lessons are for the season September to June.  Private lessons are an essential part of training to be a competitive fencer. There is simply nothing that can match the improvements seen by fencers through private lessons on and off the strip.  Think of these lessons as a targeted teaching time.  If you would like more lessons than your current membership tier offers, upgrading is always available when you are ready.  

*All private lessons must be scheduled in advance.

Associate Membership

This is our base membership tier that receives access to any and all of our fencing classes. Most appropriate for the beginner level fencer.  Associate Membership also gives access to the strips to fence for fun at designated times on our schedule.  Furthermore, Associate memberships are for our alumni who insist on staying connected.  We welcome our alumni support from afar and if you drop in just to say hello, be sure to bring your gear!  $360. 

Associate Family Membership 

This is our Family version of the associate membership which includes all the benefits of the individual associate membership for two or more family members.  $580. 


The Moniteur membership tier receives access to any and all of our classes.  It includes 2 individual lessons per session, that's 10 lessons per season.  Moniteur membership is recommended for fencers at the Novice level as we strongly believe Novice fencers need private lessons in their fencing journey for development of good habits early.  $560.


Provost membership tier receives access to any and all of our classes and includes 4 individual lessons per session, that's 20 lessons per season. The Provost membership tier is recommended for Novice to Intermediate level fencers.  The higher your ability the more lessons are recommended with a students classes.  $760.


Maestro membership is our highest level of membership. Fencers will receive access to any and all of our classes and includes 8 lessons per session, that's 40 lessons per season.  Maestro membership tier is for the intermediate to advanced level fencer competing locally, regionally and nationally.  Coaches collaborate to assist students in getting the most out of their fencing.  $1160.