It's Annual Membership Time! 

Membership occurs once a year in July for both our fencing center and our governing body, USA Fencing.  Involvement in fencing through membership connects each and every one of us to our fencing community.  Our name reflects our philosophy, the Center. It brings together fencers, coaches, referees, parents, event organizers, extended family, alumni, friends young and old who are all involved and committed to a fencer in one way or another.


Our mission at PFC is to teach the art of fencing, how to compete with swords and to see fencing as "A sport for life".  We train to compete, make friends and build communities.  We welcome and encourage everyone to become a member and support fencing in Maine.


On behalf of myself and the staff at PFC , our sincerest thanks for your thoughtfulness and support during these most challenging times.  Fencing centers just like ours need your membership support now more than ever.  We will keep striving to be recognized for exemplary sportsmanship, honesty, and the joy of teaching fencing.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the 2020/2021 fencing season.  Coach Nancy






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Portland Fencing Center has been Maine's premier fencing club since 1997.  At PFC we create pathways that will advance our members from beginner to competitive levels.  We teach Foil and Epee' fencing in a fun and safe environment supplying all the equipment for our beginner classes.  We strive to deliver the highest standards in coaching as set out by the United States Fencing Association making PFC a great place to start.

1037 Forest Ave. Portland, ME 04103